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Dec 5 06 9:25 PM

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I just had my mucocele removed yesterday. I was told i could ice it right after surgery but not to put any ice packs on it 24 hours post-surgery. My lip was pretty swollen when i woke up this morning but not too bad. The throbbing is minimal now too. The only thing that is really bothering me is the stitches. My mucocele was on the inside of my bottom lip so the stitches tend to rub up against my teeth and the loose ends feel like they get caught in my teeth. It's really hard to eat or talk because that side of my mouth feels really tight because of the stitches. Has anyone experienced any problems with their stitches? do they loosen up on their own? I won't be getting mine removed until ten days from now but was told they would probably fall out on their own. Did anyone's stitches come out on their own and about how long post-surgery did that happen? Once you get your stitches removed how long is it before you begin to feel normal? I read someone's post about their lip not going back to normal, is that common?
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Dec 6 06 11:30 AM

I had mine removed the morning of Fri Dec 1st. It was the second one I've had, though I don't remember much about the first since it was 5 years ago. Anyway, my stitches fell out on Sunday afternoon! Today, upon close inspection it seems he may have missed some, though some posts on here lead me to believe that it may be scar tissue. Guess I'll wait and see.

The one thing that's sort of bothering me is that I have some redness that seems like bruising on my skin on the outside of where my muococele was. I hope it's just bruising, I just noticed it today (5 days later) though I generally don't shave often so it's hard to see colors on my face sometimes.

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Dec 6 06 10:23 PM

thanks for your response! it's always reassuring to hear other people's stories. it's been two days since my surgery and my stitches seem to loosening at the top, but i still feel some tightening when i talk and eat. it almost feels like the stitches are getting snagged. it's so annoying.

my lip is sorer today than yesterday for some reason too. i keep doing salt water rinses as was suggested by my doctor and that has kept my lip from swelling or bruising. at least i think that's what's helping. i didn't have any bruising on the outside of my lip but i do have some like dark red areas on the inside that look like bruises. i also think i have some scar tissue forming towards the top of my lip. it's like a hardish white bump but i'm still not sure because it's right by one of my stitches and i'm still a little swollen. i hope that isn't permanenet. i hear that messaging scar tissue might help. do stitches fall out on their own once the area has healed or do they stay in regardless? im totally sick of mine. they have been the worst part of this whole process for me so far!!

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Dec 12 06 4:14 PM

Jb and fimbulvtr, I have a question... I think I might have one of these things in a spot where I bite my lower lip. I have a question for you guys...was yours inside of the red part of your lip??? That is where mine is and it is like making my lips uneven and wierd lookng. Does that sound like something that could be a mucocele??? Also, to fimbulvtr, since you had one removed a long time ago, does it leave any scars or signs of having it removed??? I hope you guys feel much better soon, I hope that isn't permanent, too jb, I will keep my fingers crossed for you. I hope things have gotten better for you both :)

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Dec 12 06 11:43 PM

Just had mine removed by my dentist this evening, as well. Have 3-4 stitches, one actually came out while I was eating dinner. It's not sore at all (though I have almost 1000mg of ibuprophin in my system!!! ...but back to the stitch... I'm hoping that's not a huge deal. He said that I'll want to "play with them with my tongue" and that that's fine... well, that's what I did, and one came out. He also said "they'll come out on their own soon." -So, I'm not going to fret.

Should I be worried? Will it not heal right? Or just not as quickly?

My mucocele was almost 2cm when removed, HUGE! Dentist did a great job (well, six hours later, so far)

I'll keep you posted.


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Dec 16 06 8:36 AM

Like kadavy said, I would call your doctor about those stitches falling out the same day. Mine took about a week to fall out, which I thought was really early for it to happen, but that was alright.

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Mar 1 08 10:18 AM

That's not right. The stitches should not fall out until the wound is healed enough to cope on its own. After such a short time the would will still be open. I'd call and get it checked out.


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Jan 28 12 7:56 PM

had mine removed, had only two stitches in.  one of the two stitches fell out barely five hours after the surgery (the first time i tried to eat).  called the doctor in a panic and he said no reason to worry!  now i am playing with the other stitch like crazy, its too tempting not too.  hoping for a quick and easy recovery!

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Feb 16 12 1:15 PM

Hi scaredforsurgery. I came across your post. It's been a little over 2 weeks now- how has your recovery process been? I just had my mucocele removed by my dentist from my left lower lip just this past Tuesday, Feb 14th (Valentine's Day of all days). I also had two dissolvable stitches put in, but one of them came lose and came off last night (24 hours post-op). Now, I still have the other stitch in, and it's on pretty good. There's a small bump from the tightness of the stitch, and some bruising around the area. So, you had no problems with the healing process even though your stitch came out?

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Aug 22 12 2:42 AM

Had mine removed Monday.  On day 3 and the swellings gone down a bit.
No stitches have fallen out yet, but I'm reaching the point where I wish they would!
Operation wasn't much fun.  Took about an hour and I almost passed out twice!

Yesterday morning my mouth had swelled quite a lot and I woke up barely able to talk.
With lots of Ibuprofen and plenty of salt wash things are slowly improving.
I'm slightly worried about whether I've lost sensation in my lip.  Part of it still feels numb :S

It would be interesting to hear everyone else's experiences with regards to healing.

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Aug 24 12 2:56 AM

On Day 5 now.  All swelling seems to have gone.  I've had problems with blistering on the outside of my lips where they've gone dry during the swelling.  I've used a lot of Vaseline which I think is helping.

I'm considering taking shares in Ibuprofen companies.  I'm still taking circa 6 tablets to numb the pain.

Talking/Smiling/eating/brushing teeth is still hurting quite a lot.  I'm spending as much time as possible alone as I just find it easier.

Touch wood the wound is looking clean.

No sign of the stitches dissolving yet :|

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Aug 26 12 4:11 AM

Day 7.  The wound is healing well at least what you can see of it.  There's still sign of the slit but it's getting harder to see.  May of the stitches have fallen out/apart.  Some ends are still showing up.

Unfortunately it still doesn't feel so good.  Still struggling with the Talking/Smiling/eating/brushing teeth side of things.    The other slightly worrying thing is that where the mucocele used to be there is a lump.   I think it's just the incision still swollen up internally.  Hopefully it will go down over the coming week.

To look at my face is back to normal now.  Until I start talking.  At which point I think it's fairly obvious that my lip isn't moving right.  I still have a bit of numbness on the right hand side of my lip.

I'm seeing people now but still avoiding talking to much as it still hurts over a period of time.

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Aug 27 12 2:01 PM

I've had 3 surgeries to remove my mucocele (lower lip) within a year.

1st time: Incision/scalpel.  Stitches remained for about 10 days, dissolved on it's own. Lower lip was swollen for about the same time the stitches were there.  Very little scaring on the area.  Mucocelle returned 3 months later at the exact same spot. Waited several months before having next surgery.

2nd time: Incision/scalpel.  Stitches remained for 5 days.  Stitches fell off due to me eating barbeque ribs (insert profanity here), but it was my fault.  Lower lip was also swollen for about the same time the stitches were there, and my lip size returned back to normal shortly after stitches were gone.  My lip still had a hole filled with dead tissue since the stitches came off early.  After three or so weeks, little scaring on the area.  Mucocelle also returned at the exact same spot within this time period (insert profanity again).

3rd time: Incision/scalpel + cauterized.  Stitches still on after 5 days (had 3rd surgery 5 days ago).  Lip still swollen a little, but I believe due to the stitches still being there.  Everything else still to be determined...

Thank you,

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Sep 12 12 1:18 AM

3 Weeks on now.  I'm glad to say pretty much all internal swelling has now gone.
No lump :D

It's amazing how much better it feels not to have the lump next to my teeth.
My lip itself is still a little tight and still feels different to the other side, I think that may take a few more months to truly go back to normal.  

However I'm talking normally again.  There's no more pain.

All told so far so good :)

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Apr 24 13 8:48 AM

hey guys i've got my mucocele remove 5 days ago the doctor 4 stitches but my problem besides the stitches there a bump...last tuesday i went to the doctor to controlled it but he said this is just normal its a part of healing process have anyone of you guys experience this type of situation coz this making me crazy i think my mucocele is reccuring after 5 days surgery im so disperated...i think its better if i never go under surgery

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Jul 1 13 8:51 AM

Hey  and ....have your mucocele comeback in full force?

What recourse did you take with your surgeon?

I had my surgery 4 days ago and a new bump formed right after the surgery!!!!
I am going back to see him tomorrow to see if it is another mucocele and what can be done.
I have swelling and blisters galore, which Im hoping at this point is normal.

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#20 [url]

Jul 5 13 9:22 AM

hey conteaa ...its been 45 days passed since my mucocele have removed my doctor here in italy said i have a internal scaring not a mucocele  and should be soften after 3 or 4 months but still i can feel little hard bump where the mucocele have removed ...or maybe the bump you mention was just a scaring not a mucocele ..wait for your reply conteaa..

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