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May 23 13 12:50 PM

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I had my mucocele removed surgically a week tomorrow. Everything was fine until this morning when I noticed a little bump just under my scar and this evening I have a quite a big blister where my scar is really clear and looks like it will pop..I don't think/ hope it is not the mucocele coming back. 
Has anyone experienced something similar?

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May 24 13 9:00 AM

Just back from Hospital...and it looks like I have a new mucocele...going back in 2 weeks to check . If it is a new mucocele they will try to freeze it this time... Depressing!.. My stitches are still in..

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Jun 11 13 9:24 PM

I have had four surgeries. Three different ENTs. One was the head of the otolaryngology department at Columbia University Medical Center. Three in office procedures, one under general anesthesia with a CO2 laser. They have all resulted the with the recurrence of the mucocele right where the scar was left. At this point I have given up all hope of it ever being resolved. I don't mean to sound pessimistic, but if it does end up returning you aren't the only one. :-)

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