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Lump in Mouth Topics





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Frequent Mucocele Questions

Questions anyone with a lump in their mouth might have.

172 310 0 Mucocele removal....
Jun 11 13 9:24 PM


Talk here about symptoms and diagnosis. Is the lump in your mouth a Mucocele, or something else?

201 649 0 Im really scared ...
Jun 10 13 12:17 PM


How to get rid of a Mucocele. Should you get surgery - what type from what kind of doctor?

201 1,020 0 Months on and sti...
pchandyman nz
Sep 5 13 3:53 PM


You've gotten that Mucocele removed, so now what? Talk about recovery here.

80 258 0 just had mine rem...
jason 052486
Jul 5 13 9:22 AM

Surgical Complications

Have you experienced a deformity or other complication from Mucocele surgery? Discuss potential remedies here.

21 150 0 swollen lip - 3 m...
Jul 2 13 9:18 PM

General Discussion

Share your experience with the LiM community, or talk about whatever!

75 255 0 Avoiding Sodium L...
Aug 24 13 9:32 AM

Other Oral Health Issues

So it's not a Mucocele after all? Talk about other oral health issues such as canker sores, lipoma, ranula, and oral cancer.

18 53 0 What is this purp...
Mar 6 13 10:06 AM
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